Tudor Dixon Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Height

Tudor Dixon Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Height

In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Tudor Dixon, an American entrepreneur and a prominent figure in conservative political commentary. Dixon is affiliated with the Republican Party and notably ran as the party’s candidate for the position of Governor in Michigan during the 2022 election. Unfortunately, she faced a defeat in the election, losing to the incumbent Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, with a notable margin of 10.6 percentage points. Throughout this piece, we will explore Tudor Dixon’s net worth, biography, wiki, age, and height, offering insights into her background and personal details.

Quick Facts

Full Real NameTudor Makary Dixon
NameTudor Dixon
Age (as of 2023)46 years old
Popular ForCompeting in the elections of Governor of Michigan
Date of BirthMay 5, 1977
EducationGraduate in Psychology
SchoolNaperville Central High School.
UniversityUniversity of Kentucky
Current ResidenceNorton Shores, Michigan
Place of BirthNaperville, Illinois
Net worth$650k USD (approx.)
Zodiac SignTaurus
PartyRepublican Party
Height (approx.)In Feet Inches 5′ 5″
Weight (approx.)In Kilograms: 56 kg

Tudor Dixon’s Wiki/Biography

Tudor Dixon hails from Naperville, Illinois, where she spent her formative years. Presently, she resides in Muskegon City, Michigan, within the United States. Her educational journey led her to acquire a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Kentucky, a milestone she achieved in 1998. Tudor completed her high school education at Naperville Central High School.

Tudor Dixon

Tudor Dixon Age, Height & Weight

Tudor Dixon, born on May 5, 1977, is currently 46 years old as of 2023. Described as an attractive individual with a captivating personality, she stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and maintains a weight of approximately 56 kilograms. Tudor possesses a well-proportioned body and enjoys good health. She boasts brown hair and brown eyes, completing her distinctive appearance.

Early Life and Education

Tudor Dixon’s upbringing took place in Naperville, Illinois, where she was raised by her parents Vaughn Makary (who passed away in 2022) and Catherine Makary. She completed her high school education at Naperville Central High School in 1995 and has partial Lebanese heritage. In 1998, Tudor earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology from the University of Kentucky. During the 2000s, she relocated to Muskegon, situated in western Michigan, marking a new chapter in her life.

Tudor Dixon Personal Life

Tudor Dixon is married to Aaron William Dixon, who works as a financial controller, and together, they are proud parents to four daughters. She is a breast cancer survivor, having faced a diagnosis in 2015, and is known for her strong faith as an evangelical Christian. In addition to her professional pursuits, Dixon also indulges in acting as a hobby, often taking part in low-budget horror films, demonstrating her diverse interests and talents beyond her media and political career.

Tudor Dixon'

Tudor Dixon Career

Before embarking on her career in media, Tudor Dixon served as an executive in her father’s steel foundry, gaining valuable experience in the business world. She also briefly ventured into acting in the late 2000s and early 2010s, making appearances in projects like the vampire web series Transitions: The Series and the low-budget horror film Buddy BeBop vs the Living Dead. In 2017, Dixon co-founded Lumen Student News, a news platform that focused on producing conservative-leaning educational content for elementary school students.

Transitioning into her role as a conservative commentator in 2018, Tudor Dixon hosted the weekly program America’s Voice Live on Real America’s Voice, a streaming news and opinion channel. Her commentary has included controversial statements about hijabs, allegations of Iranian parents harming daughters who marry without parental consent, and defense of comedians using blackface. Dixon also actively supported Donald Trump’s efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 US presidential election. During a Republican debate in May 2022, she reiterated her belief that Trump had rightfully won the election but refrained from confirming whether she believed the election had been stolen.

Tudor Dixon

Tudor Dixon’s Net Worth

Tudor Dixon’s estimated net worth as of August 2023 is reportedly around $650,000 USD, which has allowed her and her family to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Her substantial income has provided her with the means to indulge in various luxuries and has enabled her to offer her daughters an excellent education, reflecting the financial security she has achieved through her career.


Q1: Who is Tudor Dixon?

A: Tudor Dixon is an American conservative commentator and businesswoman who was the Republican nominee for Governor of Michigan in the 2022 election.

Q2: Where was Tudor Dixon born and raised?

A: Tudor Dixon was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois, USA.

Q3: What is Tudor Dixon’s educational background?

A: She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology from the University of Kentucky in 1998.

Q4: How did Tudor Dixon get into the media and political arena?

A: Tudor Dixon transitioned into the media as a conservative commentator and hosted the program “America’s Voice Live.” She also co-founded Lumen Student News, a news platform.

Q5: What is Tudor Dixon’s marital status and family life?

A: Tudor Dixon is married to Aaron William Dixon, and they have four daughters.

Q6: Has Tudor Dixon faced any health challenges?

A: Yes, she is a breast cancer survivor, having been diagnosed in 2015.

Q7: What is Tudor Dixon’s estimated net worth?

A: As of August 2023, Tudor Dixon’s estimated net worth is around $650,000 USD.

Q8: What is Tudor Dixon’s religious affiliation?

A: Tudor Dixon is known to be an evangelical Christian.

Q9: What other interests or hobbies does Tudor Dixon have?

A: Apart from her career, Tudor Dixon enjoys acting and has appeared in low-budget horror films as a hobby.


In conclusion, Tudor Dixon’s journey from her roots in Naperville, Illinois, to her prominent role as a conservative commentator and political figure is a testament to her versatility and resilience. With a solid educational background, a supportive family, and a successful career, she has not only overcome personal challenges like her battle with breast cancer but also made her mark in the media and political landscape. Tudor Dixon’s estimated net worth of $650,000 USD reflects her financial success, allowing her to provide her daughters with an excellent education and enjoy the comforts of life. Her story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the possibilities that dedication and determination can bring in the pursuit of one’s goals and values.

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