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10 Best, Worst, and Magical Witches in Cartoons

Witches have played an important role in our stories. And many TV shows and movies have been made on it. And these stories are described as something like “As September gives way to October, the leaves begin to change and an old sense of dread fills the air. Viewers find themselves mesmerized by the supernatural. Werewolves from ghosts to vampires, images of many creatures of the night come to mind, the most prominent of which are witches. Winter, in particular, is considered a spooky season. And think of many such things. These magical and terrifying creatures have become integral to how we view Halloween.

As the years went by, witches in cartoons are dominated by live-action movies and TV shows. But as time passed, they took another form, the form of cartoons and animations. And Disney has played an important role in this creation. These witches are very popular in animation and have become popular both new and old. From regal women to octopus creatures; from the best-intentioned with strictly nefarious motives; from hilarious to terrifying forms, we’ve seen the very best, worst, and most magical witches in cartoons.

In this article, we are going to talk about 10 special and magical Disney witches who have played an important role in cartoons.

  1. Evil Queen (Snow White and Seven Dwarves, 1937)

Evil Queen

We have to start with the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937) who suffering from a terrible affliction like jealousy. And it is known for that. She looks in her mirror every day and asks if she is the most beautiful. The mirror knows nothing about women and tells her majesty the truth that her stepdaughter Snow White is actually the most beautiful.

Because of this, the queen’s jealousy runs high, and she embarks on several plans to kill her stepdaughter Snow White. Eventually, she tricks Snow White into eating a poisoned apple and puts her into a magical sleep. In the end, it is the Magic Queen who dies, and Snow White who wakes up with true love’s kiss.

  1. Yubaba (Spirited Away 2001)


Yubaba is the owner of The Bathhouse and the main antagonist of Spirited Away. Yubaba is the twin sister of Zaineba and the mother of Buh. She has a bird maid affectionately called U-Bird by fans, an apprentice nicknamed Haku, and the employer of countless other bathhouse workers. Maybe it’s funny or ironic that people think that just because something is animated, it can’t be scary or intimidating. The Japanese fantasy film Spirited Away tops the list.

Briefly, among the antagonists of Spirited Away, Yubaba is a witch who periodically harasses and torments the protagonist Chihiro throughout the film and is known as one of Studio Ghibli’s best villains. Yubaba is quite the wizard in this animated movie, with some really awesome magic and skills that aren’t seen much in animated movies.

  1. Ursula (Movie: The Little Mermaid, 1989)


Ursula is the main antagonist witch in Walt Disney Pictures’ 28th animated feature film Little Mermaid.  In Disney’s charming animated romp, rebellious 16-year-old mermaid Ariel (Judy Benson, a mermaid) wants to live on Earth. Her father, King Triton, forbids her from visiting the surface, but she swims to it anyway. During one of her visits to the surface, Wu sees a human prince and falls in love with him. Determined to be with her new love, Ariel makes a dangerous pact with the sea witch Ursula (Pete Carroll) to become human for three days. But when plans for the star-crossed lovers go awry, the king must make the ultimate sacrifice for his daughter Ariel.

  1. Madam Mim (Movie: The Sword In The Stone 1963)

Madam Mim

This Disney film of the classic fairy tale recounts the humble beginnings of King Arthur. As an orphan, Arthur, then known as Wart, wants to help his foster brother, Kay, become a knight and succeed. While helping Kay to the train, Wart stumbles upon a cabin belonging to Merlin, a mischievous but talented wizard. Merlin does her best to convince the boy, and when Wart and Kay travel to London to enter a prank competition, they learn that Merlin was right.

Usually, the antagonists in our minds are the worst, villainous, and magical people who only try to do bad things to our heroes. But sometimes, antagonists are just there to trip up the protagonist. “Madam Mim” is also such a character in The Sword in the Stone. While she is labeled an antagonist, the most she does is challenge Merlin to a shape-shifting duel. And overall is a joy to watch on screen with her silly antics and over-the-topless.

  1. Magica De Spell (Movie: Duck Tales 2017)

Magica De Spell

In the film, Magica De Spiel is Lena’s evil aunt and Poe is the older twin sister of De Spiel. And the 2017 rebooted TV series Duck Tales has a major antagonist, the witch. She serves as a major antagonist in season 1 as well as the second and third seasons.

This movie tells the adventures of Scrooge Mc Duck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. When they travel the world or solve everyday chaos. Originally living with his uncle Donald Duck, he is left behind in Scrooge’s care when the former joins the navy.

  1. Sabrina (Movie: Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1999)


Acting as a prequel to the classic 1996 show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” it follows a younger version of everyone’s favorite teenage magic user and her sassy/relatable black cat, Salem, who always has a lot of good quotes. While only lasting for one season, Sabrina the Teenage Witch managed to captivate the animated world with its magical splendor and hilarious episodes.

  1. Mary (Movie: Mary and the Witch’s Flower 2017)


One of the best-animated movies on Disney is ​​”Mary and the Witch’s Flower,” a film about a young girl who gains magical powers and becomes a witch for one night. Even with the power, Marie still develops a character throughout the film that shows the downsides of magic and eventually abandons Marie’s power.

  1. Eda (Movie: The Owl House 2019)


Eda, a wicked witch, is a con woman and one of the main characters of The Owl House. Living in a distant land is already well on its way to becoming famous. From sassy lines, epic magic use, and heart-to-heart moments with her human partner Luz, Aida is quite the scary witch.

  1. Mother Talzin (Movie: The Clone Wars, 2011)

Mother Talzin

Mother Talzin was featured in a few episodes of the Disney Star Wars animated series “The Clone Wars”. She was the leader of the Night Sisters on Dathomir and used her magic to enhance the abilities of the Savage Opera and fight the Empire. Also, we find out years later today that Talzin was the biological mother of “Maul”.

  1. Enchantress (Movie: Beauty and the Beast, 1991)


In this film the enchantress a witch disguised as a beggar woman visits a castle and offers a magical rose to a cruel and selfish prince under the pretense of shelter from a storm. When he refuses, she reveals her identity and turns the prince into an animal and his servants into household items.

Who’s your favorite of these witches in cartoons? Which of these cartoons is your favorite? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

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