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Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab | All You Need To Know

Forensic science and DNA testing are highly technical processes in which complete documents, as well as accuracy, are required. Thus, when the two fields are combined, only a forensic laboratory with expert experimenters and scientists can perform these services and that is the Sorenson forensics lab. This provides critically improved processing techniques and outstanding performances because standard forensic DNA testing requires a level of rigor and accuracy to ensure accurate and correct reports. Sorenson Forensic Lab’s latest forensic DNA testing technology platforms are made to perform a wide variety of chemistries in equal range. This is a lab where the importance of work is understood.

Do you want to know about such a scientific laboratory that provides highly accurate data on DNA testing and other scientific testing methods? Therefore, please read this entire article to better understand all the important factors related to this scientific laboratory.

How to test DNA Reports:

Sorenson Forensic is a laboratory that uses state-of-the-art equipment for all of your outsourced forensic DNA analysis needs. In this lab, comprehensive biological screening is used, and bodies, saliva, blood, and semen are identified. DNA experts in this lab work collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies, defense attorneys, and law enforcement agencies. With its commitment to quality, this lab provides reliable DNA services to its customers. In this lab DNA test is done from two types for customers.

1. High Throughput DNA Processing.

As your collaborative partner, Sorenson Forensics helps reduce forensic caseloads by offering second-rate DNA testing analysis. Here, expert, committed scientists are your key to success, delivering results on time, within budget and exactly as per your laboratory sample.

In High Throughput, DNA Processing includes the Detection of male DNA in forensic samples. It is faster and more contemporary for sexual abuse and other types of cases. New legislation and media scrutiny surrounding the collection of sexual abuse evidence and the slow processing times of kits prompted labs to take a second look at their laboratory processing steps. The problem was that traditional surgical methods of testing were laborious and time-consuming. Due to which the efficacy of the test could have been different. Solution Since 2010, this lab has improved and implemented a high-throughput serology process (Y-Screening). This has significantly increased the laboratory’s capacity to analyze more evidence of sexual assaults on a monthly basis.

2. And Priority DNA Processing.

One of the best processes of this lab is Priority DNA Processing. In this process, there are times when DNA processing needs to happen faster than the standard 60-day turnaround. This department Excelsis was created just for these cases. Excelsis Priority Lab specializes in homicides, sexual assaults, property crimes, cold case investigations, and criminal paternity analysis. Among the preferred DNA processing, Touch DNA is a popular DNA. Touch DNA is relatively new to the forensic community and refers to DNA that has been transferred from one’s skin to items, primarily its transfer through the act of handling, holding, and generally “touching” them.

In the past, the sensitivity of STR analysis methods available to the people was not sufficient to obtain DNA profiles. However, to improve STR analysis methods, Sorenson Forensics routinely processes touch DNA evidence.

How many forensic scientists work?

This is an unbiased lab, where only science is researched. In this lab, only the facts are stated. It is audited annually by the FBI. Till today it is difficult to find out how many Scientists are there working. This has been kept very confidential by this lab. But it’s not that they don’t care about their employees or hesitate to reveal their identity. There can be various reasons behind this. As they do not do this because of the works which are they do, like DNA testing and detecting criminals so that no one can target them. Additionally, building on its national reputation for providing industry-leading forensic DNA casework, the company has recently secured several new government contracts.

As he said at one point, highly trained forensic scientists are needed more than ever. With this expansion, the lab will be able to allocate more resources to assist law enforcement agencies across the country. The action they collect on these kits will ultimately help bring closure to the victims of these crimes.” Sorenson Scientists’ extensive experience and focused training deliver a level of commitment and quality to accuracy that supersedes all else. This scientist provides answers to questions and a voice for victims.

Why Sorenson Forensic Lab is considered the best forensic labs in the world:

Sorensen Forensic Lab is considered one of the best forensic labs in the world for the following reasons:

  1. Sorenson Forensics offers the highest quality forensic serology and DNA casework in the forensics industry today.
  2. The Sorenson Forensic Lab is also unique in that it focuses on bringing justice to victims.
  3. This forensic laboratory helps a lot in various investigations involving murder, assault and other criminal activities.
  4. The Sorenson Forensic Lab is also unique because it examines items such as clothing, glass, corpses, documents, drugs, and firearms.
  5. At Sorensen forensic lab provides fast and accurate test results to find the culprit behind the crime scene. This evidence is presented as important evidence for the outcome of the court case.
  6. In Sorenson Forensic Lab, bullet fragments are linked to specific fire marks using microscopy.
  7. Sorenson Forensic Laboratory services include blood, saliva, and semen used for DNA identification.
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