nintendo switch 3 player games

Nintendo Switch 3 Player Games

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming console that can be played by single players or groups. One of the great things about the Switch is that it allows up to three players to play on the same console at the same time, which is perfect for groups of friends or families looking for a fun and engaging gaming experience.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best three-player games available for the Nintendo Switch in 2023.

How to choose the best Nintendo Switch multiplayer games?

Selecting good multiplayer games for the Nintendo Switch is not difficult if you know what you want from them. It is essential to consider if you prefer playing locally or online, and many games offer both options. The number of players that a game can support is also crucial, especially if you are playing with others in the same room. Moreover, when choosing a game, you should consider the genre and age rating, particularly if you are looking for games to play with younger players. For instance, some games may be too violent or scary for them. Understanding the gameplay is also vital, and you can find this out by doing a little research on the game’s features. By following these tips, you can choose the right multiplayer game for your gaming preferences.

  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the ultimate fighting game that brings together a whopping 74 characters and 100 stages from various video game franchises. It is a love letter to gaming, with characters like Simon Belmont, Ken Masters, and Incineroar joining the ranks of Nintendo’s iconic characters like Mario and Link, as well as classic favorites like Solid Snake and Ice Climbers.

The game offers endless possibilities for multiplayer battles, ranging from chaotic 8-player brawls with items flying everywhere to intense 1-on-1 matchups. You can enjoy the game with friends through local and wireless play, using anything from single Joy-Cons to Pro Controllers. Additionally, there are various online modes to compete with players from around the world, allowing you to settle your Smash grudges anytime, anywhere.

  1. Diablo III Eternal Collection

Diablo III: Eternal Collection, one of the most popular action RPGs of this generation, is now available on Nintendo Switch and feels right at home. The game includes all previously released content, providing an immersive experience of looting and slashing your way through the core game and Reaper of Souls collection with seven different classes.

Playing Diablo III with friends is an exhilarating experience as you can team up with up to three others. You can play locally on the same TV or use local wireless to connect with up to four Switches. Alternatively, you can also join fellow demon hunters from around the world through online play. To add to the excitement, the Switch version includes some exclusive gear inspired by The Legend of Zelda’s Ganondorf.

  1. Mario Tennis Aces

If you’re a fan of Nintendo’s tennis games, then Mario Tennis Aces is a game that you should definitely check out. It offers Joy-Con motion control support, which means that you and up to three friends can enjoy a fun tennis game, reminiscent of the Wii Sports era. The game has an extensive roster, including Boo, a beloved character in the Mario franchise.

Mario Tennis Aces is a simple yet enjoyable tennis game that incorporates some unique features like trick shots and special shots that add a bit of a twist to the gameplay. The game’s simplicity is its greatest strength, making it easy to pick up and play, especially in a party setting. So, whether you’re a tennis enthusiast or just looking for a fun and engaging game to play with friends, Mario Tennis Aces is definitely worth checking out

  1. Rocket League

Rocket League on Switch is a game that can be summed up in three words: soccer with cars. This high-octane multiplayer game has two teams of cars competing to push a massive ball toward each other’s goals. The intense gameplay leads to insane stunts, close calls, and heart-pumping moments.

Although the concept of the game is straightforward, mastering it can take some time, which makes every goal feel like a significant accomplishment. When you take your gameplay online, you’ll face off against players of all skill levels,

  1. Puyo Puyo Tetris

Puzzle games are a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch, allowing players to split up Joy-Con controllers among multiple players and take the fun on the go. Luckily, the Switch offers two of the most iconic puzzle games ever made on the same cartridge.

Puyo Puyo Tetris is a game that combines the gameplay of two classic puzzle games in a variety of innovative and entertaining ways. The game offers various modes that blend the mechanics of Puyo Puyo and Tetris, requiring players to master both styles of play to succeed. Although players could opt to play each game independently, the joy of throwing Joy-Cons is too good to pass up.


The Nintendo Switch continues to provide exciting and engaging multiplayer gaming experiences for groups of up to three players. With a variety of games available across different genres, players can enjoy both local and online play, depending on their preferences. From intense fighting games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to simple and fun games like Mario Tennis Aces, there is something for everyone on the Switch. So gather your friends and family and get ready for some unforgettable gaming sessions with these top three-player games on the Nintendo Switch in 2023.

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