Netflix Gains 6M Subscribers in Password Crackdown

Netflix’s Subscribers Rise: +6M Amid Password Crackdown

In recent news, Netflix’s efforts to curb password sharing are yielding positive results as the streaming giant gained nearly six million paid subscribers in the last quarter, reaching a global total of over 238 million subscribers.

The company’s move to introduce paid sharing in over 100 countries has proven to be a revenue accelerator, outpacing cancellations and driving substantial growth in new paid memberships.

Addressing Challenges:

While Netflix faces challenges, including strikes from Hollywood actors and writers’ unions that could affect its original content pipeline, co-CEO Ted Sarandos remains optimistic about its diverse content investments.

The company is committed to finding resolutions to the ongoing strikes to ensure continuity in content creation.

Financial Performance and Future Outlook:

Despite the success of its password-sharing crackdown, Netflix’s revenue for the quarter fell slightly short of Wall Street projections.

The company reported revenue of approximately $8.19 billion, and while subscriptions to their ad-supported plan have doubled, ad revenue remains insubstantial.

Nevertheless, Netflix anticipates a 7% year-over-year revenue increase in the current quarter, with a similar rate of paid net additions.


Netflix’s efforts to restrict password sharing are proving to be a significant revenue booster.

While the company faces challenges, its dedication to diverse content creation and resolving ongoing strikes shows its commitment to maintaining its position as a streaming industry leader.

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