House GOP Raises $62.5 Million with McCarthy as Key Fundraiser

House GOP Raises $62.5 Million with McCarthy as Key Fundraiser

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s fundraising efforts have yielded impressive results, as he raised a staggering $21.7 million in the second quarter of 2023 through his joint fundraising committee, the McCarthy Victory Fund. This brings the total amount he has raised during this election cycle to an impressive $62.5 million, surpassing the $51 million he raised during the same period in the 2022 midterm election cycle.

McCarthy, a renowned fundraiser within the Republican party, has already allocated $17.6 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the campaign arm for House Republicans. Additionally, he has directly provided $8.3 million in support to GOP incumbents.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the party’s achievements, McCarthy stated, “As we build upon the historic successes of this Republican majority, the campaign to protect and expand the House majority is gaining momentum.” He highlighted significant accomplishments, including substantial spending cuts, border defense efforts, and investigations into the Biden administration’s actions. McCarthy acknowledged the overwhelming support from the American public, stating, “The American people are responding to these accomplishments with an outpouring of support to advance this mission, and we plan on delivering for the country.”

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