Jann Wenner Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Height

Jann Wenner Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Height

Jann Simon Wenner, the American magazine tycoon known for founding Rolling Stone and owning Men’s Journal, boasts a storied career marked by both cultural impact and controversy. A former champion of the Free Speech Movement during his time at the University of California, Berkeley, he, along with mentor Ralph J. Gleason, birthed Rolling Stone in 1967, an iconic publication that left an indelible mark on popular culture. Beyond his magazine ventures, Wenner played a pivotal role in creating the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and other publications. Yet, his legacy is not devoid of controversy, facing accusations of favoritism in Hall of Fame selections, strained relationships with notable figures like Hunter S. Thompson, and critiques of potential bias in magazine reviews. This article provides a comprehensive exploration of Wenner’s life, including his net worth, biography, wiki, age, and height, painting a vivid portrait of his multifaceted career in the media landscape.

Jann Wenner’s Biography

Date of BirthJanuary 7, 1946
Age78 Years,
Place of BirthNew York
CountryUnited States

Jann Wenner, born on January 7, 1946, in New York City, embarked on his educational journey at Harvard and Stanford Universities but decided to forgo traditional academia to pursue a career in journalism. His pivotal moment came in 1967 when he teamed up with Ralph Gleason to establish the legendary Rolling Stone magazine, a publication that would ultimately become a global music culture icon. Wenner’s influence extended beyond Rolling Stone, as he took on publishing roles for various other magazines, such as Us Weekly and Men’s Journal. Beyond the world of magazines, Wenner ventured into the film industry, producing notable works like “Almost Famous” and “A Mighty Wind.”

Jann Wenner’s Age and Hight

Jann Wenner was born in the bustling metropolis of New York City on January 7, 1946. Standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighing around 65 kilograms, he has charming warm brown eyes and a head of brown hair.

Jann Wenner’s Early life and career

Jann Wenner, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, was born to Sim and Edward Wenner. Raised in a secular Jewish family, his parents’ divorce in 1958 led to him and his sisters, Kate and Merlyn, attending boarding schools. In 1963, he completed his high school education at the Chadwick School and later enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley. During his time at Berkeley, Wenner actively participated in the Free Speech Movement and contributed to the student-run newspaper, The Daily Californian, with his column “Something’s Happening.” With guidance from his mentor Ralph J. Gleason, a jazz critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, Wenner secured a position at Ramparts, a widely circulated muckraking publication, where Gleason was a contributing editor, and Wenner was involved in the magazine’s affiliated newspaper.

Jann Wenner

Jann Wenner’s Personal life

During the summer of 1967, shortly after the launch of Rolling Stone magazine, Jann Wenner and Jane Schindelheim entered into matrimony in an intimate Jewish ceremony. However, their marital journey took a turn in 1995 when they decided to separate, although Jane Wenner still holds the position of vice president at Wenner Media. Together, they are proud parents to three sons: Alexander Jann, Theodore “Theo” Simon, and Edward Augustus, affectionately known as Gus, who oversees Wenner Media’s digital operations.

Since 1995, Jann Wenner has been in a domestic partnership with fashion designer Matt Nye. This union has resulted in the addition of three children to their family, all born through surrogate mothers: Noah and twins Jude and India Rose.

Jann Wenner has garnered accolades and honors that reflect his substantial contributions to the world of media and his commitment to positive change. In 2010, he received the prestigious Norman Mailer Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Magazine Publishing, recognizing his enduring influence on the industry. Four years later, in 2014, Wenner was honored with the Lennon-Ono Grant for Peace, underscoring his dedication to fostering peace and societal betterment through his work. These awards highlight his significant impact on journalism and his unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Jann Wenner’s Net Worth

Jann Wenner, the co-founder and owner of Rolling Stone magazine, has accumulated substantial wealth over the years. As of August 2023, his estimated net worth stands at an impressive $700 million. While his exact income figures for this year remain undisclosed, it’s clear that his role in the magazine industry has been financially rewarding. Additionally, in 2010, Wenner was honored with the Norman Mailer Prize for his lifetime achievements in the field of magazine publishing, further recognizing his significant contributions to the industry.

Jann Wenner


Q1: Who is Jann Wenner?

A:  Jann Wenner is an American media magnate and co-founder of Rolling Stone magazine.

Q2: When was Jann Wenner born?

A:  Jann Wenner was born on January 7, 1946, in New York City.

Q3: What is Jann Wenner’s estimated net worth?

A:  As of August 2023, Jann Wenner’s estimated net worth is approximately $700 million.

Q4: What significant role did Jann Wenner play in the media industry?

A:  Jann Wenner is best known for co-founding Rolling Stone magazine in 1967, which became a cultural icon.

Q5: Has Jann Wenner received any notable awards?

A:  Yes, in 2010, Jann Wenner received the Norman Mailer Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Magazine Publishing.

Q6: What other magazines has Jann Wenner been associated with?

A:  In addition to Rolling Stone, Jann Wenner has been involved with magazines such as Us Weekly and Men’s Journal.

Q7: Is Jann Wenner still actively involved in Wenner Media

A:   Jann Wenner was involved in Wenner Media.

Q8: Who is Jann Wenner’s domestic partner?

A:  Jann Wenner’s domestic partner since 1995 is Matt Nye, a fashion designer.

Q9: How many children does Jann Wenner have?

A: Jann Wenner has three sons from his marriage to Jane Wenner: Alexander Jann, Theodore “Theo” Simon, and Edward Augustus (Gus). He also has three children with Matt Nye, born via surrogate mothers: Noah, Jude, and India Rose.

Q10: What controversies or criticisms has Jann Wenner faced in his career?

A: Jann Wenner has faced controversies related to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame eligibility, strained relationships with notable figures like Hunter S. Thompson, and criticism of potential bias in Rolling Stone magazine’s music reviews.


In conclusion, Jann Wenner’s journey through the world of media and publishing is a testament to his remarkable impact on popular culture and the music industry. As the co-founder of Rolling Stone magazine, his vision transformed a publication into an iconic cultural force. His accolades, including the Norman Mailer Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Magazine Publishing, underscore his enduring influence. Moreover, his personal life, from his partnership with Matt Nye to his expanding family, reflects a man who has navigated both personal and professional spheres with distinction. Despite the controversies and criticisms that have come his way, Wenner’s legacy remains one of innovation, storytelling, and an unwavering commitment to shaping the landscape of media and music.

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