I Hate Computer Science

I Hate Computer Science [Top Five Reasons]

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is the study of computers and computer systems. Unlike electrical and computer engineers, Most deal with software and the systems of that software. Which includes their theory, development, and application. Basic areas of study within computer science include computer systems and networks, security, database systems, human-computer interaction, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, software, and the theory of computing.

The truth is that if you are not passionate about computer science, then this is probably not the field for you. There are many reasons to hate computer science. Among them are reading for long hours, solving difficult problems, giving too much time, etc. So from my experience, if you want to know some of the many reasons to hate computer science, then this article is for you.

So let’s begin.

1. Need Long Hours:

long hours

It is a very time-consuming degree program. One of the bad reasons to consider computer science a chore is spending too much time on it because other subjects cannot be given much time, which is disappointing.  Even if you are very good at computer science, you still have to spend a lot of time on it. A student who is not interested in computer science spends 6 to 10 hours a day on a weekday and three to five hours a weekend. Computer science is not usually ranked at the top of the list for those subjects that require less time. If you’re going to major in computer science, you can expect to spend a lot longer, because some homework problems and practicals are long and complex. In this subject, the concepts are challenging, and you have to work hard to get through the program.

2. Facing Difficulties:

Computer troubleshooting is a very frustrating process. These problems in computer science also occur because we choose it as a subject that is easy to understand. While we have not chosen and read this subject before, this may be the third reason for hating this subject. Lack of knowledge in this subject creates problems for us which cause constant massive headaches. Most of the students of computer science are facing coding, algorithmic problems, etc. Every computer teacher will tell you that their field is not coding. And sometimes the teacher is also short of understanding this. Even sometimes we don’t understand ourselves. Search any list of majors to study or use to learn Coding in computer science is a bit difficult to learn. Although it is true that there are problems beyond coding in computer science, then it seems difficult to most people. And one such drawback is that of algorithms, in which an algorithm can never be written that can, give a true or false decision for every input answer.

3. Fatigue Issues:


Computer science is considered to be a singularly difficult subject. And it is also classified by difficult subjects. A few people who believe in Challenges keep this Subject, but later they have to face difficulties. But if you are not a challenging person, then you may not know the truth about this Subject. That this subject can constantly push your mind to its limits and force you to question in ways you may never have considered before. If you want a major that is not so difficult, then this may also be one of the reasons for your hatred of this subject. The thing about computer science is that you keep learning how to understand and solve things. Inevitably, when you want to finish this aspect of the work, you feel very tired while doing it and the sooner you try to finish your homework, the more time it takes. One of the reasons is that the computer never likes the work, sometimes it stuck. This process is quite painful and it frustrates a lot of people.

4. Very Competitive:


Computer Science is generally considered a tough and competitive subject. But it depends on one subject of computer science, like programming, coding, etc. Due to this, it becomes difficult for you to live with your colleagues. Once you get the job, another the same dimension of competitiveness emerges. That means there is a lot of competition involved in employment. Most real jobs in the field of computing are team-oriented. Some people who have been in the field for more than fifty years still face significant competition for jobs in some industries. In any computer science job, there is a lot of competition to face. But one thing is also emphasized in this article on competitive individual performance.

5. Limited Social Life:

Social Life

A difficult subject can always force you to take more time. Due to this, you become far away from your normal life. Due to giving more time to the subject, we get bored in our intellectual life. Most of the time we don’t understand what we should give more time or how we can calculate the time. In this matter, we do the rest of the subject first, easily, but when it turns to computer science, we spend even a night on it. When you’ve spent countless hours in the computer lab racking your brains over grueling problems you feel jealous of other students in this regard. Those who have time to go out on a regular basis, enjoy their social life along with their studies. If networking, dating, and other social goals are important to you, then computer science may never be a major subject for you. This does not mean that bad computer science institutions never do social work. But if there was a social hierarchy in the college, computer science people would be at the very bottom.

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