Harkins Popcorn & Food Prices 2023

Harkins Popcorn & Food Prices 2023

Harkins Theatres is widely regarded as one of the most renowned movie theater chains in the United States, delivering an outstanding movie-watching experience across numerous locations and offering luxurious amenities.

Among the various expenses associated with going to the movies, snack bar prices, especially the Harkins Popcorn prices, are often a significant concern. This article aims to delve into the cost of purchasing snacks at Harkins and also provide a comparison of these prices with other movie theater chains.

In the realm of movie theaters, Harkins Popcorn prices hold a prominent position. Therefore, this piece will explore the expenses associated with purchasing snacks at Harkins, including the specific focus on the prices of their famous popcorn, while also providing a comprehensive analysis of how these costs stack up against those of other theater chains.

Presented below are the Harkins Popcorn and Food Prices for the year 2023:

Harkins Popcorn Prices and Food Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.
Menu ItemPrice
Small Popcorn$6.45
Medium Popcorn$7.45
Large Popcorn$8.45
Extra-Large Popcorn$8.95
Premium Popcorn$7.95
Hot Foods
Margherita Flatbread$7.50
Pepperoni Flatbread$8.00
Ultimate Hot Dog$6.45
Classic Hot Dog$6.45
Mini Corn Dogs$6.45
White Castle$5.50
Big Screen Burger (burger only)$8.00
Big Screen Burger with Fries$11.00
Big Screen Burger Combo$13.00
Nachos Grande$7.95
Popcorn Chicken$5.95
French Fries$5.50
Cheese Sticks$5.75
Roasted Nuts$5.45
Ice Cream$5.00
Moon Cheese$6.00
Pickle Cutz$3.45
Hummus & Pita$7.75
Smoked Gouda & Salami$8.00
Extra Large$5.55
Kids Combos
Standard Kids Combo$6.25
Kids Icee Combo$6.75
Honest Kids Juice Combo$6.75
Small Drink$5.50
Medium Drink$6.00
Large Drink$6.50
Extra Large Drink$7.00
Loyalty Cup$6.50
Loyalty Cup Refill$1.50
Special Drinks
Bottled Water$5.00
Honest Kids$2.50
Monster Energy$5.45
Vitamin Water$5.45
Dunkin Donuts Coffee$5.45
Small Icee$5.75
Large Icee$6.50

*Please contact your local theater for accurate information.

Photos of The Harkins Popcorn Menu

Here are some photos of Harkins

Popcorn Menu and Other Food Menu:

What are the Popular Snacks at Harkin’s:

Harkin’s has gained significant recognition in the realm of snacks, primarily due to their flagship product – popcorn. This delectable treat has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional quality, making it a standout in the snack world.

The superiority of Harkin’s popcorn is evident as it has been honored with prestigious accolades, highlighting its unrivaled flavor and delightful texture. These accolades solidify Harkin’s position as a leading player in delivering delectable snacks.

In order to thrive in the competitive snack industry, Harkin’s emphasizes the importance of offering a product that surpasses all others in terms of quality and taste. Among their extensive snack offerings, popcorn reigns supreme and remains one of the most sought-after treats at Harkin’s.

Do the prices at Harkins Cinema fluctuate or change over time?

Yes, the prices at Harkins Cinema can change over time. Movie theaters, including Harkins Cinema, may adjust their prices periodically in response to various factors such as market conditions, operational expenses, supply and demand dynamics, and industry trends. These adjustments can be influenced by factors like the cost of movie production and distribution, changes in the local economy, inflation, and competitive pricing strategies.

To ensure accurate and up-to-date information, it is advisable to check the current prices at Harkins Cinema before planning a visit. This can be done by visiting their official website, contacting their customer service, or checking local listings. Staying informed about any changes in ticket prices and concessions can help moviegoers plan their budget accordingly and avoid any surprises at the theater.

It’s worth noting that while price adjustments may occur, Harkins Cinema strives to provide a valuable and enjoyable movie-watching experience to its customers. They continuously invest in enhancing the quality of their theaters, amenities, and customer service to deliver a memorable cinematic experience.

Popcorn Calories at Harkins?

For individuals who prioritize healthy nutrition practices, the calorie content of Harkins Popcorn is a relevant aspect to consider.

Maintaining a desired weight often requires monitoring caloric intake and incorporating it into one’s dietary plan. Harkins Popcorn, like other snack options, contains a significant amount of calories that should be taken into consideration when assessing daily calorie consumption.

Popcorn TypeCalories
Small Popcorn290
Medium Popcorn550
Large Popcorn840
Extra Large Popcorn1100
Caramel Popcorn120
Cheddar Popcorn160

This information is taken directly from Harkins nutritional guide.

Harkins Social Media Platforms:

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FAQ’s – Harkins Popcorn & Food Prices

  • Is Harkins Popcorn Vegan?
Harkins Popcorn is generally considered vegan-friendly. The primary ingredients in popcorn are corn kernels, oil, and salt. These ingredients do not typically contain animal-derived products. However, it’s important to note that Harkins Theatres may use different variations or preparation methods for their popcorn, so it’s advisable to check with the specific theater or refer to their official website for any potential additives or flavorings that could affect its vegan status.

Are Harkins Popcorn Coupons Available?

Yes, Harkins Popcorn coupons are often available. Harkins Theatres frequently offers various promotions and discounts, including coupons for popcorn and other concessions. These coupons can be found through different channels such as their official website, social media platforms, promotional emails, or local coupon websites. It is advisable to check these sources regularly or sign up for their newsletters to stay informed about any ongoing deals or special offers on Harkins Popcorn.

About Harkins

Harkins Theatres is a prominent movie theater chain based in the United States. With numerous locations across the country, Harkins is known for providing an exceptional movie-going experience to its patrons.

Founded by Dwight “Red” Harkins in 1933, Harkins Theatres has a long-standing history in the entertainment industry. The company has grown and expanded over the years, becoming one of the leading theater chains in the country.

Harkins Theatres offers a range of amenities and features designed to enhance the movie-watching experience. This includes comfortable seating, state-of-the-art sound systems, and large screens to immerse audiences in the cinematic world. Additionally, some Harkins locations feature special amenities such as Cine 1 auditoriums with plush recliners, in-lobby bars, and gourmet concessions.

In addition to providing a diverse selection of films, Harkins Theatres also hosts special events and screenings, including advanced screenings, film festivals, and special presentations. They strive to create an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for movie enthusiasts of all ages.

Harkins Theatres is dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards in its theaters and continuously seeks to innovate and adapt to evolving technologies and audience preferences. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Harkins aims to deliver a memorable and immersive movie experience for all moviegoers.

Where Are Harkins Theaters?

Harkins Theaters is a renowned cinema chain that operates across various locations throughout the United States.

While initially concentrated in the southwestern part of the country, this conglomerate has successfully expanded its footprint, establishing venues in other regions as well.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Harkins Theaters has a significant presence spanning across nine states, encompassing California, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arkansas.

Here are all the Harkins locations:


In conclusion, Harkins Popcorn and food prices are notably higher in comparison to other movie theater chains. For individuals seeking a cost-effective movie-watching experience, exploring alternative options is advisable. It is recommended that customers conduct thorough research to compare prices before heading to the theaters. Additionally, moviegoers can save money by opting to forego the snack counter entirely and instead bring their own food from home.

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