Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

The Gabriel Kuhn Murder Case: Where is Daniel Patry Now?

Who Is Daniel Patry?

Their full name is, Daniel Philip Patry which was born in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil in 1991. There is no information available on the internet or other resources on her childhood, biography, educational history, or family.

And Daniel Petrie rose to prominence after being involved in the investigation of Gabriel Kuhn’s murder.

Who was Gabriel Kuhn?

Gabriel Kuhn was born in the same town in 1995 in a stable family. Gabriel Kuhn was a good student and lived in the neighborhood on the other side of Daniel. The two developed their relationship into a Friendship by collaborating on the online game Tibia.

What happened between Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn?

Despite the fact that the incident took place in 2007, the story of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Petry continues to generate interest on social media to this day. Twitter has always been a popular place for people to discuss and debate the issue of murder. Other than that, this phenomenon is not going to end anytime soon. The fight between Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Petry took place in 2007 and since then it has been making headlines on various social media platforms. People who have not heard or know anything about this incident are very moved to hear it because it was an unfortunate scene that should not have resulted in the loss of a child’s life.

Gabriel Kuhn was just 12 years old when he was playing an online game with his neighbor Daniel Patry, which led to his death. On July 23, 2007, one thing changed Brazil’s criminal record, when 16 years old Daniel Patry and 12 years old Gabriel Kuhn play the Tibia game online together. At some point, an argument broke out and Patry said that the boy had cheated him in the game. After that, Patry went to Gabriel’s house.

There was no one at Gabriel’s house at that time, he was alone. Gabriel opened the door very happily for Patry. He didn’t know what was going to happen. As soon as Patry walked through the door he knocked Gabriel down and started hitting him. Gabriel Kuhn tried his best to defend himself but failed. Patry then took him to the bedroom and rapped him on the bed. The boy screamed and cried, but it only caused more pain to Patry. The sheets on the Daniel bed were stained with blood. Gabriel Kuhn threatened to report this and told his parents everything. At this, Patry became even angrier and decided to kill him.

How Daniel Patry Murder Gabriel Kuhn?

After this, Patry took a wire and wrapped it around Gabriel’s neck. He kept squeezing until Gabriel passed out. Then he had another idea. He went to the garage of the house and took out a hacksaw; he returned with the Gabriel and began to cut it up.

Gabriel Kuhn regained consciousness and started screaming in pain. Patry was still biting. He cut his left leg and Gabriel stopped screaming as he went into shock at the sight of blood. Patry continued to cut and cut off his right leg as well. An autopsy report revealed that Gabriel was alive when his legs were amputated. But shortly after, he died of pain and blood loss.

Then Patry first tried to hide the body in the hatch of the house. To do this, he took more cables and tried to hang them up. But he didn’t make it because Gabriel Kuhn was too heavy. Then he threw the body at the door of the house. Shortly after, his brother arrived and found the body was lying on the door. Seeing the dead body, he got scared and ran into the street. Then on of the neighbor saw him and called the police.

The police quickly found Patry, because Gabriel’s Computer showed the battle that led to it all. The police immediately arrested Daniel Patry in his own home. After the autopsy results came out, Patry agreed to kill the boy alive but refused to admit to the rape, But they claimed that he was not gay.

Where Is Daniel Patry Now?

A flagrant miscarriage of justice occurred when the Brazilian court sentenced Daniel Patry to just three years in a juvenile detention camp. He was freed in 2010 and, according to all reports, he vanished. But Daniel Patry is supposed to be living freely at the moment.

Despite the fact that he accepted his fault without remorse, he was only sentenced to three years in jail for his horrible crime. According to the reports, he was just given a reprimand for his socio-educational behavior.


The story of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry is very scary because both of them were children, one of them, Gabriel Kuhn, was only 12 years old and was brutally murdered by 16-year-old Daniel Patry. This old case of murder, which had created a lot of curiosity among internet users, is being pushed to the news once again. This murder did not happen recently. Two teenagers are involved in this 2007 murder case, whose friendship ended in death.

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