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Dos and Don’ts in Formal Chapter Leadership

What is Formal Chapter?

A formal chapter in a fraternity is identical and reports to its governing body. Thus both sororities and formal chapters must follow the mission. Business or formal chapter meetings have the strictest and most conservative of all chapter meeting types in the dress code. For business chapters, you have to look professionally well-dressed.

One way formal chapters operate is through weekly chapter meetings. Generally, these are once-a-week formal meetings that usually last about an hour in chapters. All members in these formal chapters must wear business formal attire. In the formal chapter, make sure that whatever dresses you wear, are either finger-tip length, or have full coverage in the bust area, and are either long-sleeved or short-sleeved. You might be able to get away with sleeveless, but it depends on your standards chairman or chairwoman how strict they are about that.

Some formal chapters are accustomed to wearing formal or pin attire to every chapter meeting throughout the year. But in hindsight, other chapters are a bit lucky as they also have some restful weeks. Sororities have a love/hate relationship with dressing for the male or female chapter.

If you want to know more about the Formal Chapter then this article is for you.

Business Meeting or Formal Chapter Meeting Attire

Business or formal chapter meetings have the strictest and most conservative dress code of all chapter meeting types. For business chapter meetings you need to look professional, and for formal chapter-type meetings, you need to look casual.

Semi-formal or Business Casual Chapter Meeting attire is similar to Formal Chapter Meeting, but you get to wear no holes jeans or denim pants or skirts. However, you can always wear a good dress or even wear the same type of outfits you would wear to Business Chapter Meetings or formal chapter meetings.

Take a look at the Formal Chapter Leadership do’s and don’ts list below.


  • Do be approachable and accessible in formal chapter meetings

Make yourself available and relevant to office members, and offer to sit down with them and answer any questions they may have. Meetings do not always have to be formal or in the office. This is enough to suggest getting a cup of coffee or having lunch in the cafeteria to get to know each other better.

  • Do wear heels, wedges, or dress shoes for formal chapter meetings

If you are wearing an adorable dress with sleepers, then you are not doing that dress any justice. The way to instantly class up an outfit is to add a pair of heels, wedges, or dress shoes. They make you look like you care and, let’s face it, everyone’s legs look much better in wedges and dress shoes.

  • Do seek out the individual strengths of your members

Formal chapters apply these strengths accordingly to specific projects and best utilize them to achieve the goals and objectives of the chapter. And also make sure your members know you value their good work and are willing to work with them on what they strongly need.

  • Do be a great listener in formal chapter meetings

Focus on what your members are saying to you despite the “noise,” whether that noise is literal or just going on in your head. And take notes on the conversation to better remember it, and follow up on members’ needs, concerns, and ideas. And also make sure they know they are being heard.

  • Do dress appropriately

There is no need to wear your short/tight skirt because in this way cleavage hangs out. On a Friday night, your companion might be jealous of that outfit, but on a Monday evening, it is just not appropriate. Everyone should have a little separation in their wardrobe of going out wear and formal wear.


  • Don’t blame employees for poor outcomes and robes

Remember that you are running with a team, and teams depend on each other. If something isn’t going as planned by you or your executive board, figure out what went wrong and how to fix it next time.

  • Do not fail to represent in formal chapters

Delegating tasks and projects to executive board members, committees, and underclassmen are an awesome way to get everyone involved, as well as to prepare your formal chapter for the future.

  • Don’t forget to set goals and objectives for yourself, your formal chapter, and your executive board

Goals and objectives are a fundamental part of public relations. By creating goals and objectives in formal chapter meetings, you can provide direction and future guidance to your employees.

  • Don’t just put on a dress and leave everything else sloppy

If you have a nice dress with no jewelry and your hair is in a wet messy bun like you just rolled out of bed, you might look like you’re wearing a t-shirt and Nike shorts. Fix your hair. “I hate the formal bob” more than any good dress masked by a lack of effort everywhere.

  • Don’t use the excuse

“I’m just coming from a meeting”. It’s not going to kill you to take five minutes and pull a dress and heels out of your backpack and throw them on in the bathroom right before the meeting. Do it out of respect for the formal chapter and your companion.

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