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Farmpally Discern Rose Hip Types And Their Growth

Nature of Rose hip

Rosa or rise hip belongs to the plant family Rosaceae and it has different species (varieties).

There are also different botanical names for the species of rose hip, says chaktty.

Some of the varieties and their botanical names are the followings

  • Dog Rose (Rosa Canina)
  • Rugosa Rose (Rosa Rugosa Thunb) and,
  • Rosa Villosa, Rosa Gallica, Rosa, Acicularis Lindl., Rosa Cinnamomea L., Rosa Moyesii, Rosa Majalis, Rosa Hip Soup, Rosa Moschata, Rosa Rubiginosa.

However, the common names, not scientific,  of this plant are Rose hips, Hip berries, Rose hep, Rose has, dog brier, brier rose, etc.

There are other species today that are gotten from the cross of the initial parent species of rose hip and there are more than 35 species of the modern rose, recognized by the American Rose Society, according to farmpally.

Some of these species are named after their traits, origin, or the discoverer, and they’re classified as a garden rose and modern rose with the former being cross of the main species and the latter being broad of the garden rose or main species.

Some classes of garden roses are as follows: Rose Alba, Rose Damask, Rose Ayrshire, Rose Boursault, Rose Bourbon, Rose Moss, China Rose, Rose Centifolia, Gallica, Hybrid Perpetual, Austin Rose, Rose Banksiae, Rose Buck, Portland Rose, Found Rose, Rose Foetida, Rose Noisette, Ramblers, and Tea.

Some of the types of modern roses are the following:  Floribunda, Polyantha Rose, Knock out, Kordes, Kordesii, Generosa Rose, Grandiflora, Hybrid Musk, Hybrid Tea, Harkness, Hybrid Rugosa, Climbing Rose, Miniature Rose Landscape (including Groundcover) or Shrub, Mini-flora,  Macrantha, Meidiland, Monthly, Garden Ease, etc

These Shrubs often grow as hedges

  • The rosehip fruit itself has a small nut-like seed, however, it should not be eaten within the rose fruit, healthfully doctor advised.
  • The rosehip seed is often used as itching powder since this is covered with hairs which can cause rashes and allergies.
  • The sweet-sour taste of the edible part beneath the seed pulp can be used very well for cooking jam.
  • The rose bushes grow at the hips and can be up to 10 meters high.
  • The bushes bloom with beautiful white flowers and then fall off and in their place, the rose hips develop.
  • The rose hips grow in the bushes in late summer. These fruits are slightly larger than a cherry and deep red with a black flower wick.
  • The rose hips can be harvested until the end of October or November.
  • Not only that people appreciate the hips, but it also serves as winter food for birds and other wildlife.
  • Rosehip has been used in folk medicine for centuries. Without further ado, the rosehip can be dried and then used for preparing tea, according to formal.
  • The rose hips tea is also still generally very popular in Europe and other places such as Germany, England, Mexico, NYC, California, Miami, Chicago, Luxemburg, etc; although the fresh fruit itself is seldom seen today.

Uses of Rose Hip

Rose hips are the round, red fruit that develops on rose bushes after the flowers have bloomed.

They are a source of vitamin C and other nutrients and have been traditionally used for medicinal purposes.

Some people use rose hips to make tea, jams, and other food products, as well as skin care products such as creams and ointments.

They are also sometimes used as a natural dye for fabrics.

In addition to their potential health benefits, rose hips are prized for their aesthetic appeal and are often used in floral arrangements and other decorative applications.

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