How To Use Echinacea For The Health Benefits

Echinacea – the Coneflower

Echinacea is known by many as an excellent remedy for respiratory infections. Also for wounds, the medicinal herb can provide excellent service and even for infections of the urinary tract, it is a helpful tool.

In addition, cancer patients can benefit from the important ingredients of Echinacea because it strengthens the immune system. I would like to explain here in detail the great healing powers of echinacea.

How to produce Echinacea?

To produce the echinacea tincture yourself, follow the following steps.

  1. The herb and the stems are collected between July and September from the flowering plant, according to the farmpally. Care must be taken that the plant is at least two years old so that it is full of active ingredients. In addition, only the healthy and green parts of plants are collected.
  1. The daisies from the flower heads are also slowly plucked off and then the receptacle is harvested first.
  2. Now all plant parts are placed in a glass jar with a screw cap.
  3. On the part of the plant, there is now so much alcohol (at least 50 percent alcohol) poured until all parts are well covered. This is important to prevent the formation of mold.
  4. The glass tightly and put in a warm place in the half-shade. The glass needs to be shaken once a day in order to prevent the escape of ingredients from the plant parts.
  1. After about four weeks, the tincture can then be left through a filter paper.

The tincture must be filled in a brown glass bottle so that it is protected from light, according to Health pally. Write the date and content on the bottle and keep in a cool and dark place.

Buying Echinacea

Echinacea comes in many different forms, with a homeopathic product in preference.

In particular globules, tinctures or drops are very popular and are gladly taken or used for the skin.

However, care must be taken when purchasing it to ensure you get the quality substance.

Many online stores offer Coneflower extract. But Echinacea is available in pharmacies and drug stores.

Here you get a wide range of dosage forms with its extract.

In addition to ointments and creams, pills or juices are also available. The product you prefer in the end is, of course, depends on what you want.

Echinacea tincture can be prepared by yourself. Once the tincture is ready, 10 to 50 drops can be taken daily.

While care should be taken, however, that the dose should be made not more than six weeks. After that, it is important to take a break.

Dosage of Echinacea

The echinacea homeopathy is popular with many parents. Because, while the parents use tea or even drops the Sun Hat, these are not popular among children.

But to relieve the symptoms and get rid of the infection quickly, echinacea globules are excellent.

To curb an initial infection, up to five echinacea D2 or D4 globules is to be taken daily.

For Children, however, D30 should be given once a day. Echinacea globules should be taken on an empty stomach. It is also useful after about 30 minutes to eat or drink.

At an initial aggravation, after the first dose, the globules should be discontinued.

Echinacea juices, drops, ointments, tablets such as fresh vegetable juice also can be ingested or drunk.

This should be taken naturally on the package leaflet.

For herpes, simplex care with echinacea has proven itself. At the first signs, preparations with it should be taken to give quick and effective assistance to the body.

Side effects of Echinacea

In some cases, skin reactions were observed when taking low potencies to D12. These were in the form of itching and rash.

Especially if the hat about infusions were administered, fever and chills, and nausea and vomiting could be observed. For this reason, infusions are administered only rarely.

Still, should people who have an allergy to Asteraceae plants abandon echinacea or avoid powers under D12? As well, patients with multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, leukemia, tuberculosis, or collagen vascular diseases with the dilution or mother tincture should be treated with D2.

In addition, metabolism in diabetic patients can deteriorate. Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy should also consult their physician before taking echinacea.


Echinacea is just perfect – even for children, to relieve colds or to reduce inflammation. Its Ointments help in promoting wound healing even if its an insect bite. Echinacea extract is very helpful even on cold sores and can also fight against Herpes simplex viruses. Not only a family with children benefited from the excellent properties, so also pregnant women. It should not be missing in any pharmacy and home.

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