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Colton Aflalo Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Personal Life & Facts

Colton Aflalo, a renowned celebrity scion with American and English roots, emerges in the media’s gaze as the son of the famed fashion icon, Marielle Hadid.

Who is Colton Aflalo?

Introducing Colton Aflalo, a rising star born around 2008, although his exact birthdate remains shrouded in mystery. Despite his young age, Colton has swiftly garnered international attention, primarily due to his lineage as the son of Marielle Hadid, a prominent figure in the world of fashion. Marielle’s connection to the renowned American model Gigi Hadid further adds to Colton’s intriguing background.

Delving deeper into his family ties, Colton Aflalo proudly wears the badge of being the cousin of Khai Hadid Malik. A lineage that spans generations links him to his grandparents, Mohamed Hadid and Mary Butler, as well as his great-grandparents, Khairiah Hadid and Anwar Hadid. Among this array of relationships, Anwar Hadid stands tall as his uncle, completing the tapestry of Colton’s remarkable family tree.

Colton Aflalo Quick Facts

Real NameColton Aflalo.
Nick NameColton.
Date of Birth2008 (Maybe).
Age (as of 2023)15 years.
Birthday placeUnited States.
Height (Tall)4 feet 5 inches.
134 cm.
1.34 m.
WeightKilograms: 30 Kg.
Pounds: 66 lbs.
Body Measurements30-26-31.
Net Worth (approx.)None (as of 2023).

Colton Aflalo Personal Life & Family

FatherNot Known
MotherMarielle Hadid.
SisterNot Known
BrotherNot Known
Marital StatusUnmarried.
Wife (Spouse)No.
HobbiesListening to music and singing.

Colton Aflalo Education

High SchoolHe completed his education at a private high school.
College or UniversityNot found.
QualificationStill student.

Early Life of Colton Aflalo

Colton Aflalo’s origins trace back to the United States of America, where he was not only born but also nurtured within the embrace of a distinguished and celebrity-infused American family. This unique background bestowed upon him a substantial and devoted fan following, courtesy of the prominence his family holds within various spheres. As we venture further into Colton Aflalo’s biography, a captivating narrative unfolds, offering deeper insights into his life and journey.

Exploring Colton Aflalo’s Journey

As we dive into Colton Aflalo’s journey, it becomes evident that his upbringing within a well-educated and celebrity-laden American family has played a significant role in shaping his trajectory. The influence and fame radiating from his family have contributed to the substantial fanbase he enjoys today. As we navigate through the details of Colton Aflalo’s life, a multifaceted persona emerges, drawing us into the intricacies that have sculpted his unique identity within the realms of both celebrity and everyday life.

Colton Aflalo Personal Life & Relationships

Colton Aflalo’s personal life is marked by his unwavering devotion and loyalty as a son to Marielle Hadid, a revered figure in the fashion world. His sibling bond with sister Coco is a testament to his close family ties, their chemistry evident as they share enjoyable moments together.

Colton’s lineage as Marielle Hadid’s son and Gigi Hadid’s nephew is a cornerstone of his widespread popularity. Presently in his teenage years, he excels in cultivating friendships, boasting a vibrant social circle within his school community. While the prospect of romantic involvement lingers on the horizon, Colton’s current focus appears to revolve around his aspirations, indicative of a young individual eager to carve his own path before venturing into matters of the heart.

Colton Aflalo Net Worth

Colton’s family boasts substantial wealth, with his status as the grandchild of Real Estate Developer Mohamed Hadid underlining their affluence. Being part of the illustrious Hadid Family grants him access to a life of opulence and luxury.

The Hadid Family’s collective assets are estimated at an impressive $400 Million. Beyond this family fortune, Colton’s mother has carved her own niche as a fashion icon, notably establishing Hadid Eyewear. With such a solid foundation and promising beginnings, the horizon holds a bright future for this young individual.

Colton Aflalo Interesting Facts

  • Born in 2008, Colton Aflalo is now a 15-year-old with a unique journey ahead. Standing at 4 feet 5 inches (134 cm) tall and weighing 30 kg (66 lbs), he embodies youthful energy.
  • His roots trace back to the United States, where he was both born and raised, proudly holding an American Nationality.
  • Under the Virgo zodiac sign, his destiny takes shape.
  • Thriving within his high school education, Colton showcases immense potential and ambition.
  • Radiating warmth and charm, he garnered attention not only for his personality but also for his lineage – the son of fashion icon Marielle Hadid and nephew of Bella and Gigi Hadid.
  • The romantic chapter of his mother’s life intertwines with artist Jack Halloran. As the eldest child, he relishes special familial bonds, reflecting his position in the family tapestry.

In Conclusion

In the midst of fame and family, Colton Aflalo emerges as a dynamic figure, shaped by his American roots and the renowned Hadid lineage. His youthful journey, punctuated by a charismatic personality, echoes through the embrace of his fashion icon mother, Marielle Hadid, and the allure of his Hadid connections. With a towering future ahead, Colton navigates his high school years with ambition, encapsulating the promise of a Virgo. As a vital thread in a family tapestry worth $400 million, his unique identity takes shape through bonds, aspirations, and a narrative rich in intrigue and potential.


1. Who is Colton Aflalo?

  • Colton Aflalo is a rising celebrity figure born around 2008, known for being the son of fashion icon Marielle Hadid and having ties to the renowned Hadid family.

2. What is Colton Aflalo’s age and height?

  • As of 2023, Colton Aflalo is approximately 15 years old, with a height of around 4 feet 5 inches (134 cm).

3. What is Colton Aflalo’s nationality?

  • Colton Aflalo holds American nationality, as he was born and raised in the United States.

4. What is the significance of Colton’s relationship with Marielle Hadid?

  • Colton’s mother, Marielle Hadid, is a well-known fashion icon, which contributes to his popularity and media attention.

5. How is Colton related to Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid?

  • Colton Aflalo is the nephew of both Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, as Marielle Hadid is their sister.

6. What is the net worth of the Hadid family?

  • The Hadid family’s collective net worth is estimated to be around $400 million.

7. Does Colton Aflalo have any siblings?

  • Information about Colton’s siblings is not provided in the available content.

8. Is Colton Aflalo in a romantic relationship?

  • As of now, Colton’s relationship status remains unclear, but there are hints of a potential romantic involvement in the future.

9. What are Colton’s hobbies and interests?

  • Colton Aflalo is said to enjoy listening to music and singing as his hobbies.

10. What educational background does Colton have?

  • Colton is currently excelling in his high school education, showing great potential.

11. What zodiac sign does Colton Aflalo have?

  • Colton’s zodiac sign is Virgo.

12. How does Colton Aflalo’s family background contribute to his popularity?

  • Being the son of Marielle Hadid, a fashion icon, and the nephew of Gigi Hadid, Colton gained significant attention and a fan following.

13. Is there any information about Colton’s future plans?

  • While specifics about his future plans are not provided, Colton seems to be focused on achieving his own goals before delving into romantic relationships.

14. How is Colton connected to the art world?

  • Colton’s mother, Marielle Hadid, is currently in a relationship with artist Jack Halloran.

15. What sets Colton apart within his family?

  • As the eldest child, Colton Aflalo enjoys a special place and treatment within his family circle.

16. What traits define Colton Aflalo’s character?

  • Colton is characterized by his ambition, potential, and warm, charismatic personality that draws attention both within and beyond his family’s fame.

17. How does Colton’s upbringing impact his journey?

  • Colton’s upbringing in a celebrity-laden American family significantly shapes his trajectory and the way he navigates fame, education, and relationships.

18. How can we describe Colton’s role within the Hadid family?

  • Colton’s position as the cousin of Khai Hadid Malik and the nephew of Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Anwar Hadid highlights his integral role in the Hadid family dynamics.

19. What future does Colton Aflalo’s journey hold?

  • With an upbringing rooted in luxury, a family name of renown, and a unique blend of talents, Colton’s path promises a future brimming with potential and possibilities.

20. What stands out most about Colton Aflalo’s story?

  • Colton’s narrative is an intertwining of celebrity lineage, personal growth, and familial bonds that collectively paint a vibrant portrait of a young individual navigating his way through fame and self-discovery.

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