can nintendo switch play 3ds games

Can Nintendo Switch Play 3DS Games?

Nintendo is one of the leading companies in the gaming industry and is known for its innovation and creative approach to gaming consoles. Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming consoles that own unique features and offers an extensive game library. However, those gamers who are Nintendo 3DS fans may be wondering if the Nintendo Switch can play 3DS games.

So in this article, we will explain the compatibility and options to play 3DS games on Nintendo Switch.

Compatibility of Nintendo Switch and 3DS Games

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS are two separate consoles, and they use different technology to run games. The Nintendo Switch uses cartridges to play games, while the Nintendo 3DS uses both cartridges and downloadable software. Therefore, the Nintendo Switch cannot play 3DS games directly, and there is no special backward compatibility between the two consoles.

The Nintendo Switch is not equipped with dual screens, which is a significant feature of the Nintendo 3DS. But the Nintendo 3DS has two screens, including a touch screen and a 3D screen, which allows gamers to have a more immersive experience while playing games. However, the Nintendo Switch only has one screen, and it does not support 3D technology. Therefore, even if the Nintendo Switch could play 3DS games, it would not be able to replicate the same gaming experience as the 3DS.

Following are some of the options to play 3DS games on the Nintendo Switch

Although the Nintendo Switch cannot play 3DS games directly, there are still some options available for gamers who want to play 3DS games on the Nintendo Switch. These options include the following options:

  1. Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

In Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console is a feature that allows gamers to play classic games from previous Nintendo consoles, including the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, NES, and SNES. But, the 3DS Virtual Console does not support 3DS games, and it is also not available on the Nintendo Switch. Therefore, gamers cannot use the Virtual Console to play 3DS games on the Nintendo Switch.

  1. Emulator (Software)

Emulators are software programs that allow gamers to play games on a platform that is not intended for that game. There are some emulators available online that claim to allow gamers to play 3DS games on the Nintendo Switch. But, these emulators are often illegal, and they can be harmful to your console. Using an emulator can also violate Nintendo’s terms of service, and it can also lead to your account being banned. Therefore, it is not recommended to use emulators to play 3DS games on the Nintendo Switch.

  1. 3DS Ports and Remakes

Nintendo has released some 3DS games that have been ported or remastered/Remakes for the Nintendo Switch. These games include Luigi’s Mansion, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. These games have been adapted for the Nintendo Switch, and they offer an enhanced gaming experience. However, not all 3DS games have been ported or remastered for the Nintendo Switch, and there is no guarantee that your favorite 3DS game will be available on the Nintendo Switch.

  1. Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is a feature that allows gamers to play games on a remote server and stream the gameplay to their device. Nintendo has launched its cloud gaming service called Nintendo Switch Online+, which allows gamers to play classic games on the Nintendo Switch using cloud gaming technology. But, 3DS games are not available on the Nintendo Switch Online+ service, and it is unclear whether Nintendo has plans to include 3DS games in the future.


In short, while the Nintendo Switch is not directly compatible with 3DS games, there are still options for players who want to play these games. Remastered 3DS games are available in the Nintendo eShop, and the Nintendo 3DS family systems offer a unique gaming experience with a large library of exclusive games. Although using an emulator and ROMs is not recommended and can lead to legal consequences, the Nintendo Switch Lite can also play some remastered 3DS games. And it depends on players’ preferences and options before deciding how to play their favorite 3DS games.

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