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BTS Member Died Recently – Discover Which BTS Member Passed Away!

If you have an affinity for musical groups, you’re likely familiar with the renowned South Korean sensation known as the Bangtan Boys, or BTS. This extraordinary band embarked on its musical journey back in 2010, comprising a talented ensemble of musicians and performers. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that they truly captured the hearts of the masses with their remarkable performances. BTS made their initial debut under the distinguished label of Big Hit International, and with the surprise release of their debut, they swiftly amassed a massive fanbase. Many individuals began avidly following the band’s members, quickly becoming devoted admirers.

Which Member of BTS Died?

Update and Correction – Jonghyun was not a member of the BTS Band; he was a member of the SHINee K-pop Band. As of now, no BTS Member has experienced a loss.

However, it’s worth noting that the K-pop world was rocked by the tragic passing of Jonghyun, a renowned South Korean singer, on December 18, 2017. This unfortunate event was announced by BTS members Suga and RM, causing a stir among fans of both artists.

Death of Jong-Hyun:

Kim Jong-Hyun, an individual who played a significant role within the music scene, was erroneously associated with the BTS team. He, in fact, was a member of the SHINee group. On the fateful day of December 18, 2017, at the age of 27, Jong-Hyun took his own life in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

Death of Jong-Hyun

Image Source: BBC

On that day, Jong-Hyun arrived at his apartment around noon, but later, at approximately 4:42 pm, he was discovered lifeless by his older sister, Kim So-dam. She urgently dialed 911 to report her brother’s suicide. According to his sister, Jong-Hyun had sent her several distressing messages, including phrases like “last goodbye” and “say I did well,” indicating his intentions.

When law enforcement officers arrived at his residence, they found Jong-Hyun unconscious around 6:10 pm. He was rushed to Konkuk University Hospital and administered CPR for a cardiac arrest, but unfortunately, he did not regain consciousness. Tragically, doctors declared him deceased at around 6:32 p.m.

Investigations revealed that Jong-Hyun had inhaled smoke or toxic fumes, possibly carbon monoxide, as traces of burnt coal briquettes were discovered on a frying pan in his apartment. The family’s refusal to permit a post-mortem examination led authorities to classify his death as a suicide. A wrongful death attorney from Las Vegas expressed condolences, remarking, ‘My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. While we often expect individuals of his age to succumb to accidents, unfortunately, suicide remains a distressingly common cause of young lives lost.’

Funeral and Tribute for Jong-Hyun

The funeral service for Jong-Hyun was conducted at a funeral hall in the Asan Medical Center, located in Pungnam-dong, Seoul, on December 19th. The somber event drew the presence of numerous celebrities, including Exo, Girl’s Generation, BoA, IU, BTS members, and many others. To honor the memory of Jong-Hyun and accommodate his fans, both local and international, a three-day public funeral was organized. Following the public farewell, Jong-Hyun’s remains were transferred to a private location for a more intimate ceremony attended by close relatives and dear friends. Subsequently, he was cremated in a discreet setting.

Jong-Hyun Funeral

Image Source: NME

Reports from the media, as well as statements from BTS members and fellow artists, indicated that depression played a significant role in Jong-Hyun’s tragic death by suicide. In a heart-wrenching revelation, Nine9, a friend and co-singer from the Dear Cloud band, shared Jong-Hyun’s suicide note on Instagram. The note, written a few days before his December 9th concert, illuminated his profound struggles with depression and the challenges of fame. Nine9 was deeply alarmed by the note, and her agency advised monitoring Jong-Hyun closely. Despite her efforts to intervene and prevent his suicidal thoughts, his tragic passing could not be averted.

Kim Jong-Hyun had gained widespread recognition for his music and enchanting voice, which had captured the hearts of many. Following his untimely departure, numerous musicians and industry professionals paid tribute to him on a global scale. Bands such as TVXQ, Girl’s Generation, and labelmates Exo, incorporated tributes to Jong-Hyun into their concerts. Some artists from SM Entertainment adorned black ribbons on their arms, bearing the embroidery “R.I.P. JH.” Additionally, MCB Radio dedicated a special broadcast in memory of Jong-Hyun, while his fans expressed their love and grief through hashtags such as “YouDidWellJonghyun” and “StayStrongShawols,” which gained traction on Twitter.

What’s the Fate of the BTS Band?

Do You Have the Details of the Deceased BTS Member? It’s crucial to understand which member from this esteemed band tragically passed away at a young age. A vibrant and talented singer from the group met an untimely demise, and news of their passing spread rapidly. Many are fervently searching for videos to gain insight into the circumstances surrounding the tragic event. This has come as a profound shock to music enthusiasts and ardent fans of the band, dealing a significant blow to the team. The repercussions of this loss will undoubtedly linger for a considerable period.

The Circumstances Surrounding the Tragic Passing of a BTS Member

By now, you’re likely aware of the heartbreaking loss within the BTS family. It was Jin, one of the beloved BTS members, who tragically lost his life in a car accident on February 10, 2202. The accident occurred at 2:46 EST, claiming Jin’s life instantly. At just 23 years old, his untimely departure sent shockwaves throughout the nation and left his fellow team members in a state of profound grief and helplessness.

However, when pondering which BTS member recently passed away, it was indeed Jin who met this unfortunate fate. Prior to Jin’s passing, the group had already experienced another sorrowful departure. In 2017, the BTS team bid farewell to a former member, Kim Jonghyun, who, though once claimed to be part of the BTS Band, was never officially part of it. His sudden loss was yet another devastating blow to the group, shrouded in mystery, as his death is believed to have been a suicide. On December 18, 2017, he tragically took his own life at his Seoul apartment, discovered by his sister at 4:42 PM. Jonghyun left behind a poignant letter detailing his struggles with depression and frustration.

The authorities were alerted, and Jonghyun was rescued from his apartment, immediately receiving medical attention. Despite the efforts of physicians, they were unable to save his life. Postmortem investigations revealed that carbon monoxide poisoning was the primary cause of his death, with burnt coal briquettes found on a frying pan at the scene. However, Jonghyun’s family vehemently denied the notion of suicide, grappling with the trauma of losing their son. His passing remains an enigmatic and heartbreaking chapter in the BTS journey, with ongoing police investigations.

What Impact Did Jonghyun Make on the Team?

Jonghyun’s contribution to the team and the band was substantial and deeply appreciated. He wholeheartedly dedicated himself to the group, leaving a lasting imprint. His captivating voice resonated with fans across the country, evoking intense admiration for his performances and songs. People eagerly anticipated each of his appearances, eagerly awaiting his mesmerizing performances.

As a heartfelt farewell gesture to their cherished team member, several musicians and performers donned black ribbons on their arms, embroidered with the words ‘R.I.P. JH.’ This symbolic tribute was a reflection of the profound impact Jonghyun had on his fellow team members, with many choosing to honor his memory in this poignant manner.

Last Thoughts

Death is an irreplaceable loss, not only for the individual but also for their community. When someone departs at a young age, it defies our expectations and leaves us deeply saddened. The recent losses of two BTS team members remain profoundly shocking. It is evident that this loss is immeasurable and cannot be mitigated. It is a reminder of the importance of addressing life’s challenges rather than succumbing to despair. Every life holds value and significance to each of us.


1. Who is Kim Jong-Hyun, and what was his connection to BTS?

  • Kim Jong-Hyun, often referred to as Jonghyun, was a talented South Korean singer and songwriter. He was not a member of BTS but was a member of the K-pop group SHINee.

2. How did Kim Jong-Hyun pass away?

  • Jonghyun tragically died by suicide on December 18, 2017, in his apartment in Seoul. He was found unconscious and later pronounced dead at the hospital.

3. What role did depression play in Jonghyun’s death?

  • Depression was reported to be a significant factor in Jonghyun’s death. He had expressed his struggles with depression in a suicide note, which was made public after his passing.

4. Did any BTS member die?

  • As of the latest available information, no BTS member has passed away. The initial statement in your text that mentioned a BTS member’s death was incorrect.

5. How did the K-pop community and fellow artists react to Jonghyun’s passing?

  • The K-pop community and fellow artists expressed their grief and paid tribute to Jonghyun. Many artists held special tributes in their concerts, while fans and industry professionals shared condolences and support.

6. What were some of the hashtags and online tributes dedicated to Jonghyun?

  • Following Jonghyun’s passing, fans used hashtags like “YouDidWellJonghyun” and “StayStrongShawols” on social media platforms to express their love and condolences.

7. What is the correct information about BTS and its members?

  • BTS, often recognized as the Bangtan Boys, is a well-known South Korean male group comprised of seven members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. As per the most recent information, all BTS members are thriving and actively pursuing their careers.

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