Barbara Walters’ Daughter Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Height

Barbara Walters’ Daughter Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Height

Jacqueline Dena Guber, a prominent American television producer and accomplished author, shines as the offspring of the illustrious broadcast journalist, Barbara Walters, and her former spouse, Merv Adelson. Boasting a substantial net worth of $20 million, she has etched her name in the realms of television production and literary creation. Beyond her financial success, her captivating life story and impressive achievements paint a vivid biography. Time has graced her with age, while her physical stature stands as a testament to her presence. In the ensuing narrative, Jacqueline’s journey unfolds as we delve into her net worth, biography, age, and towering height.

Barbara Walters’ Daughter

Jacqueline Danforth is the notable daughter of Barbara Walters, the renowned television journalist. Born on November 12, 1961, in the vibrant city of New York, she stands as the singular offspring of Barbara Walters and her late spouse, Lee Danforth. Her educational journey led her to the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a degree in English in 1984.

Emerging as a skilled journalist in her own right, Jacqueline has made her mark. Her roles encompass producer and reporter positions at ABC News, while also leaving her imprint as a contributing editor for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue magazines. Her influence extends to television, having produced for notable shows such as 20/20 and Primetime Live.

Personal Life and Career

Tied in matrimonial bonds, Jacqueline is wedded to Stephen McPherson, a television producer who once helmed ABC Entertainment as its president. This marital alliance has been blessed with the joy of parenthood, as they nurture a daughter named Alexandra and a son named Jack. Jacqueline’s role extends beyond motherhood, as she embraces the mantle of a stepmother to McPherson’s two children borne from a previous liaison.

Engaged fervently in the vibrant tapestry of the entertainment realm, Jacqueline remains a driving force. She has assumed the role of producer for cinematic creations such as The Insider and The Stepford Wives, leaving her indelible mark on the silver screen. Moreover, her influential touch graces the television domain as the executive producer of the riveting series, How to Get Away with Murder, showcasing her multifaceted talents.

Barbara Walters’ Daughter Net Worth

Accumulating a substantial fortune, Jacqueline’s net worth reaches an impressive $20 million, a testament to her endeavors in television production and literary pursuits. Her contributions extend to acclaimed shows like “The View,” “20/20,” and “Good Morning America.” Beyond her television involvements, she has showcased her writing prowess with authored works. Notably, her book “The Women Who Changed Television,” published in 2008, stands as a prominent example of her literary accomplishments.

Barbara Walters’ Daughter Wiki and Biography

Born on August 8, 1961, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, Jacqueline’s roots intertwine with the illustrious Barbara Walters and Merv Adelson as their sole daughter. A blend of family emerges through her two half-siblings, Sarah and Gary, offspring from her father’s prior marriage. Pursuing education at the University of California, Los Angeles, she graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, a stepping stone toward her career.

Gaining recognition, Jacqueline Dena Guber emerges as a skilled television producer and esteemed author. Her net worth, standing at $20 million, testifies to her accomplishments. The sole daughter of the legendary Barbara Walters, Jacqueline has carved her niche through the realms of television production and literary creation, etching her name as a success in her own right

Barbara Walters daughter: Meet Jacqueline Dena Guber

Barbara Walters’ Daughter Age and Height

At the vibrant age of 59, Jacqueline Danforth, a prominent and accomplished figure in the realm of journalism and television production, stands with an air of grace, her presence illuminated by a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters). Her enduring journey through various facets of the entertainment industry serves as an inspiring testament to her indomitable spirit and creative prowess.

Barbara Walters’ Daughter Awards

Gathering a trove of accolades, Jacqueline’s contributions to television and film have garnered her a slew of awards, among them an Emmy Award for her remarkable involvement in How to Get Away with Murder. A beacon of female achievement, she proudly holds the Women in Film Crystal Award, bestowed upon exceptional women filmmakers. The spotlight further shines on her with a Golden Globe Award nomination for her role in The View.

Jacqueline Danforth, a prominent figure in journalism and production, has left her indelible mark on the entertainment sphere. As the daughter of esteemed television journalist Barbara Walters, she has charted a triumphant course of her own. Within this arena, her work has not only earned her countless honors but also solidified her legacy in television and film.


Q1: Who is Jacqueline Danforth?

A: Jacqueline Danforth is an accomplished journalist, television producer, and author. She is known for her work in the entertainment industry and is the daughter of renowned television journalist Barbara Walters.

Q2: When and where was Jacqueline Danforth born?

A: Jacqueline Danforth was born on November 12, 1961, in New York City, USA.

Q3: Who are Jacqueline Danforth’s parents?

A: Jacqueline Danforth’s parents are Barbara Walters and her late husband, Lee Danforth.

Q4: What education does Jacqueline Danforth have?

A: Jacqueline Danforth attended the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a degree in English in 1984. She also studied Broadcast Journalism at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Q5: What are Jacqueline Danforth’s notable career achievements?

A: Jacqueline Danforth has made significant contributions to television production and journalism. She has worked on shows such as “The View,” “20/20,” and “Good Morning America.” She has also authored books and won awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series for her work on “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Q6: What awards has Jacqueline Danforth received?

A: Jacqueline Danforth has won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series for her involvement in “How to Get Away with Murder.” She has also received the Women in Film Crystal Award, recognizing her excellence in filmmaking.

Q7: Has Jacqueline Danforth been married?

A: Yes, Jacqueline Danforth has been married twice. Her current husband is Jeffrey Guber.

Q8: Does Jacqueline Danforth have children?

A: Yes, Jacqueline Danforth has two children, a son named Jackson and a daughter named Harper, from her current marriage to Jeffrey Guber.

Q9: What is Jacqueline Danforth’s net worth?

A: Jacqueline Danforth’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

Q10: What is Jacqueline Danforth’s involvement in writing?

A: Jacqueline Danforth has written books, including “The Women Who Changed Television,” published in 2008. Her literary contributions have added to her diverse career profile.

Q11: What TV shows has Jacqueline Danforth worked on as a producer?

A: Jacqueline Danforth has contributed her talents to TV shows like “The View,” “20/20,” and “Good Morning America” as a producer and reporter.

Q12: What is Jacqueline Danforth’s current age and height?

A: Jacqueline Danforth is currently 59 years old and stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters).

Q13: How has Jacqueline Danforth contributed to the entertainment industry?

A: Jacqueline Danforth has left her mark on the entertainment industry through her roles in television production, journalism, and authorship. She has earned recognition for her work and continues to make strides in her field.

Q14: What is the Women in Film Crystal Award that Jacqueline Danforth received?

A: The Women in Film Crystal Award is given to female filmmakers who have achieved excellence in their respective fields. Jacqueline Danforth received this award in recognition of her contributions to the entertainment industry.

Q15: How has Jacqueline Danforth upheld her family legacy in journalism?

A: As the daughter of Barbara Walters, a renowned television journalist, Jacqueline Danforth has upheld her family legacy by making significant contributions to journalism, television production, and the entertainment industry.


In a captivating journey through the realms of journalism, television production, and literary creation, Jacqueline Danforth has carved a remarkable niche for herself within the entertainment industry. As the talented daughter of the legendary Barbara Walters, she stands as a testament to her family’s journalistic legacy while forging her own path of success. With a diverse portfolio that spans producing iconic shows, contributing to esteemed magazines, and crafting insightful books, Danforth’s influence is undeniable. Her accolades, including Emmy and Women in Film Crystal Awards, illuminate her dedication and excellence. Jacqueline’s journey not only honors her family’s heritage but also showcases her indomitable spirit, leaving an enduring mark on the world of media and storytelling.

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