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American Nautical Services: Unlocking the Excellence in Your Business

In the world of business, success is often measured by the ability to navigate through challenges and seize opportunities. American Nautical Services (ANS) understands the significance of reliable navigation tools in ensuring smooth operations and growth. With their cutting-edge collection of Navionics Platinum+ charts, ANS offers businesses an array of features that enhance their capabilities on the water. In this article, we will explore the numerous advantages that make ANS the preferred choice for businesses in the maritime industry.

Navionics Subscription

When you choose ANS, you gain access to a one-year subscription to Daily Updates and advanced features that are included with the purchase of any new product. This subscription ensures that your charts remain up to date, enabling you to navigate with confidence and accuracy. And after the initial year, you can renew your subscription at a discounted price, ensuring continued access to the latest chart updates and features.

Comprehensive Charts and Innovative Bathymetry Data

The foundation of ANS’s offering lies in their comprehensive nautical charts. Derived from multiple official, governmen, and private sources, these charts provide a familiar look and feel, instilling confidence in their accuracy and reliability. Additionally, ANS incorporates SonarChart™, an innovative feature that creates 1-foot (0.5m) bathymetry charts using Navionics’ proprietary systems. This cutting-edge technology offers businesses unprecedented insights into underwater topography, empowering them to make informed decisions and navigate safely.

Harnessing the Power of Community Knowledge

ANS recognizes the value of local knowledge in navigating waterways effectively. With the inclusion of Community Edits, ANS integrates useful information shared by users of the Navionics Boating app. This collaborative approach ensures that businesses benefit from the collective wisdom of the boating community, gaining access to valuable insights and tips specific to their operating areas.

Daily Updates and Advanced Features

In today’s rapidly changing world, staying up to date is paramount. ANS delivers up to 5,000 updates every day, ensuring that businesses have the most accurate and current information at their fingertips. These updates encompass a wide range of essential data, including changes in navigational aids, water depth, and hazards. By harnessing these updates, businesses can adapt to evolving conditions swiftly and efficiently, maintaining their competitive edge.

Innovative Tools for Enhanced Navigation

ANS takes navigation to the next level with their advanced features. Dock-to-dock Autourouting offers businesses a suggested route to kickstart their journey, saving time and effort in planning. SonarChart™ Live empowers businesses to create their own maps, capturing real-time data and generating personalized charts. Advanced Map Options allow users to customize their view, tailoring it to their specific needs. Additionally, Plotter Sync enables seamless integration between mobile devices and plotter systems, facilitating efficient planning and execution.

Overlays: A Clearer Perspective

Visual clarity is crucial when navigating complex waterways. ANS offers overlays that provide enhanced awareness above and below the water’s surface. Relief Shading offers an easy-to-interpret view of the bottom structure, simplifying navigation. Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading takes clarity a step further, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of their surroundings both above and below the waterline. These overlays offer invaluable insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions while maximizing safety and efficiency.

Unlocking Additional Viewing Options

ANS’s Platinum+ collection goes beyond traditional charts, providing businesses with additional viewing options. The 3D View feature highlights key features, offering a vivid representation of the environment. Panoramic Photos provide businesses with a better sense of their surroundings, facilitating enhanced situational awareness. By utilizing these viewing options, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their operating environment, enabling them to optimize

Their strategies and make well-informed decisions.

Coverage Areas Tailored to Your Needs

ANS understands that businesses operate in diverse locations, each with its unique requirements. Therefore, they offer a range of coverage areas, allowing businesses to choose between extensive coverage or more localized chart cuts. This flexibility ensures that businesses have access to the specific geographic areas they need, enabling them to focus on their operations with precision.

Compatibility for Seamless Integration

To maximize the benefits of Navionics content and features, ANS emphasizes compatibility with various GPS chartplotters. They provide a compatibility guide that allows businesses to check if their GPS chartplotter is compatible with Navionics, ensuring a seamless integration of the navigation tools. This compatibility ensures that businesses can leverage the full potential of ANS’s offerings without any technological barriers.


American Nautical Services (ANS) stands as a beacon of excellence in the maritime industry, empowering businesses with top-of-the-line navigation tools. Through their Navionics Platinum+ collection, ANS provides comprehensive charts, innovative bathymetry data, and valuable community knowledge. Their daily updates and advanced features, coupled with overlays and additional viewing options, enhance businesses’ navigation capabilities. With tailored coverage areas and compatibility with GPS chartplotters, ANS ensures a seamless integration of their tools into businesses’ operations.

By choosing ANS, businesses can unlock a world of possibilities, navigate with confidence, and seize opportunities in the ever-changing maritime landscape. Whether it’s optimizing routes, avoiding hazards, or harnessing the power of real-time data, ANS equips businesses with the tools they need to thrive. Embrace the excellence that American Nautical Services offers and propel your business to new heights on the water.

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